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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering seeks to provide educational opportunities to students through offering different specializations in the field of engineering. The Faculty of Engineering aims at preparing qualified civil engineers, architects, and interior designers who are able to participate in the building of modern institutions in an innovative and efficient style through employing the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills they acquire during their study at MIU.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science Degrees (B. Sc.) in Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Design.

Students have to complete successfully all required courses, graduation project, and field training for each specialization. Students are required also to get an AGPA not less than 2.00 out of 4.00 points to be qualified for graduation.

Attain leadership, excellence and innovation in education and scientific research, and serving local, regional and global communities in the field of engineering, through the provision of a moral, positive, and supportive scientific work environment.

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering is developing the educational field of engineering in order to ensure providing students with the knowledge of various theoretical and applied scientific skills and to qualify them to contribute to the advancement of the industry, construction and technology in Libya, and in the countries of the region in accordance with the requirements of the modern age, and of the global standards, as well as with the local values and social ethics; disseminating  a high competitive spirit among students and staff members; and developing the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching staff in teaching and in scientific research through cooperation, partnership and exchange of experiences with  competent academic and scientific institutions in engineering, locally, regionally and globally.

The objectives of the Faculty of Engineering programs are to:

  1. prepare distinguishedcadres, equipped with knowledge, able toresearch and innovate, and qualified emotionallyandscientificallyto perform their duties.
  2. developand disseminate knowledgein the fields ofengineering, which willcontribute to solving problems using up-to-date methods and strategies.
  3. build the capacity of students’ abilities through the provision ofpositiveacademicenvironment, followingmodern methodsof scientific researchto analyze problemsandsolutions and reaching conclusions.
  4. establish strong tieswithscientificresearch centersand launch scientific and academic cooperationwith its counterparts inother universities locally, regionally and globally.
  5. prepareand participatein seminars, conferences and scientific studiesin order to servethe advancement ofLibya, the countries ofthe region, and the whole world.
  6. design academic programsthat contribute toproviding an opportunity for distinctstudentsto completetheir post-graduate studiesinprestigious
  7. Employ modern information andcommunication technology in theapplication of engineeringmethods, conceptsandtheories.
  8. encourage the spirit of competition among students by launching cultural, artistic and sports activities inside and outside the university at local, regional and international levels.
  9. provide the opportunity for professional development and training to the employees and technicians and recruit outstanding talented professionals to promote the faculty to the local and global high standards.