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Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is one of the main faculties in the Mediterranean International University. It consists for the time being of one department, the Department of English Language and Literature, and in the process of opening others in the near future.

The Department of English Language and Literature offers B. A. in English Language and Literature.

The Faculty of Arts offers General required courses for all the academic programs at the university. These courses are:

  • Arabic Language 1 and 2
  • Islamic Studies
  • General English Courses 1 and 2
  • English for Specific Purposes Course (English for IT 1 and 2)
  • Technical Writing for IT
  • Second Foreign Languages 1 and 2

In addition to the general required courses, the faculty of Arts offers support courses for the different specializations at the university.

The Faculty of Arts at MIU seeks to be a leading academic faculty in the field of arts, and scientific research among local, regional and international universities.

The mission of the Faculty of Arts is to provide advanced academic programs in the humanities and social sciences; graduate intellectual and qualified cadres who are supported by the theoretical and practical knowledge, acquired skills of critical analysis and methods of innovative solutions to humanitarian and social issues in their field of study, and able to compete in the local and regional labor market; contribute to the enrichment of scientific research in the humanities and social sciences; and the exchange of expertise, consultation and partnership with academic and scientific institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

The objectives of the Faculty of Arts programs are to
1. provide opportunities for higher education in the humanities and social sciences to Arabic speakers and others holding high school certificate and its equivalent in order to qualify them academically and professionally in their chosen specialization.
2. offer academic, specialized programs in the field of humanities and social sciences to meet the requirements of the university degrees granted by different departments in the Faculty of Arts.
3. prepare professionals in different fields of humanities and social sciences.
4. equip students with the theoretical and conceptual knowledge and train them on the practical applications in their fields.
5. build the capacity of students’ abilities and train them on critical analysis skills and research methods for innovative solutions to the issues of the humanities and social issues.
6. continue the development of academic programs in all disciplines at all departments of the Faculty and keep abreast of advances in these disciplines.
7. have openness to global developments in the field of scientific research and teaching methods to improve the academic and educational level in various disciplines in the Faculty.
8. encourage academic and scientific research, publishing, and translation in the various disciplines in the Faculty.
9. employ information and communication technology for automating the Faculty of Arts electronically in order to improve education and scientific research methods and to facilitate access to sources of knowledge and exchange of experiences and consultation with the academic and scientific institutions at the local, regional and global level.
10. initiate cultural partnership and cooperation with academic institutions, dealing with the humanities and social sciences at the local, regional and global level.