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The Admission Department

The Admission Department is responsible for handling admission applications from new students, whether received through the university link on the web page or through direct application at the University Admission Office. The Admission Department reviews all applications according to the University’s admission policy and regulations for the different faculties, and issues acceptance letters to those who fulfilled the requirements.  A file is opened for each student, a university ID number is assigned to her/him, and an ID card is issued, as well.


Admission Requirements

Students are admitted at the beginning of each semester in different faculties and departments at MIU based on the needs and admission policies approved by the Faculties’ Councils.

The MIU requires the following for each student applying to the university:

  1. Holding a General or Specialized High School Certificate or its equivalence approved by the Libyan Ministry of Education.
  2. Achieving the grade point average or percentage required by the different faculties.
  3. Passing any special exams, interviews, etc. required by the Faculty Council or the Department.


Admission procedures


  1. Students fill in the online or the paper-based application.
  2. Students select the faculty and department according to his/her specialization.
  3. Students submit to the admission department or upload with the online application the following documents:
    1. A copy of the official high school diploma and transcript approved by the Ministry of Education.
    2. A certificate of equivalence issued from the Libyan Ministry of Education if the high school certificate obtained from outside of Libya.
    3. A copy of student’s birth certificate.
    4. 4 personal-colored photographs 4×6 cm.
    5. Student’s national number.
    6. Student’s health examination certificate.
    7. A copy of student’s passport (include Arabic and English pages).



  1. After the student receives the acceptance letter, he/she submits all original copies of his/her high school certificate and other documents.
  2. Then the student pays all required fees and tuitions.
  3. A file is opened for the student and a student’s number will be assigned for him/her to be used as an identification number during his/her study at the university. A student identification card is issued for him/her, as well.