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The Language Center


The Language Center provides training and educational services to individuals, and to the public and private sectors in the field of languages. The center aims at capacity building for learners to prepare them well to cope with the modern and advanced developments in the various disciplines and professions and to enhance their performance professionally in English in their field of work.

The center also offers consultation services regarding the teaching and learning of languages to various groups and organizations, carried out by experts in the field of Applied Linguistics.


The Language                   Center at MIU aspires to become a leading language Center in the building of capabilities of individuals and organizations, locally, regionally, and globally.


Providing specialized training and educational services to individuals and organizations in the field of languages and other language-related skills required by different professions; offering consultations and project planning and development to organizations; and seeking cooperation and partnership with local, regional and international public and private institutions in the development of advanced training programs and in the exchange of experiences.


  1. Provide a progressive training environment with technological support to facilitate the process of learning and teaching of languages.
  2. Create a motivating and inspiring learning atmosphere for learners to engage positively in the capacity building process.
  3. Follow interesting and appealing language teaching methods to encourage learners to participate in the learning process effectively.
  4. Recruit highly qualified professionals who have broad experiences in the field of designing and teaching a variety of English and other languages courses
  5. Build learners’capacitythrough innovativeandspecialized language training programsin different fields and specializations.
  6. Enablestudentsto use languagesfluentlyandproficiently(English, Arabic, French, Italian and others).
  7. Equip learners with the language tools used in their particular professionthroughspecialized coursesin Englishforspecialpurposes(ESP).
  8. Provide learners with specialized skills and training to prepare them forproficiencytestssuch as the AmericanETS (TOEFL)andCambridgetests(IELTS)to enable them toget admission into local and Internationaluniversities.
  9. Establish cooperation and partnerships with organizations and institutions in the private and public sectors for the purpose of developing up-to-date progressive language training programs and exchanging experiences.
  10. Offer consultations to individuals and organizations in academic language and work related language issues and in language program planning and development.

Language Programs

 General English Language Courses:

These include courses for all levels from beginners to the advanced level.

  1. General French Language Courses:

These include courses for all levels from beginners to the advanced level.

  1. General Italian Language Courses:

These include courses for all levels from beginners to the advanced level.

  1. General Arabic Language Courses:

These include courses for all levels from beginners to the advance level.

  1. Preparation Courses for Proficiency Tests:

For those who need English qualification for academic purposes, the center offers preparation courses for either the IELTS or the TOEFL.

  1. English for Specific Purposes ( ESP ) Courses:

These courses are designed to help learners with special interest in learning the type of English language that is used in particular field of study/work. The Center offers these courses:

  • English for Banking
  • English for Business
  • English for Aviation
  • English for Management / Accounting / Finance, etc.
  • Any other ESP courses that customers require.


  1. Conversation Courses:   General Conversation  /  Ladies English Club
  2. Methodology of Teaching Languages

Special courses focusing on latest methods and techniques of teaching languages.