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The Mediterranean International University was established in 2014, (MIU Board Decree No. 01- 2014) in Benghazi, Libya and operates under license number (6044) of 12 / 05 / 2014. The Libyan National Center for Quality Assurance in the Eastern Province has granted the University the Institutional Accreditation (decree No 2018/30 in 10/07/2018). In March 17, 2020. The University was also granted the Programmatic Accreditations (decree No 2020/18) for the academic programs in the Faculties of Arts, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Architecture and Design, Law, and Computer Science and Information Technology.


The founders of MIU aim at providing theoretical and practical education in Arabic and English, gaining prestigious status among the regional higher education institutions, and

contributing to the advancement of the Libyan higher education through the implementation of promising higher education programs that meet the Libyan and international quality assurance requirements. In fulfilling these aims, the university hopes to disseminate knowledge and support scientific research with all available means and methods in accordance with public and private professional ethics. MIU has been publishing MIU Journal, a refereed journal, issued semi-annually since 2016. The University Publishing Department is also publishing books authored by professionals in different subjects that include law, mathematics, marketing, management, and accounting. These published books are used as reference books and textbooks in many courses offered at MIU and other institutions.

MIU, in addition, has launched Moodle, an online platform for teaching and learning, to be facilitated and used as a supplement online learning system.