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The Registration Department

The Registration Department takes all the measures concerning the registration of students in different courses at the beginning of each semester. This includes the preparation of all necessary forms for registrations, announcing the timetable for all courses, and setting the dates and times for the process of the registration itself. The department also follows students’ registration and records the final grades the students receives in different courses in the special computer registration system.

Registration Procedures

Registration starts one week before the beginning of each semester according to the following steps:

  1. The Study and Examination Department issues the course schedule and distributes the course registration forms.
  2. The student fills in the registration form with the selected courses from the schedule and submits it to the Registration Department after getting the approval of his/her academic advisor.
  3. The student follows the minimum and maximum credit hours per week required in different academic departments
  4. Some courses require a pre-requisite, and the student is not allowed to take a course if he/she has not passed its pre-requisite.
  5. Students whose accumulative grade point average (AGPA) is less than 2 points are not allowed to register in more than 12 credit hours.
  6. The student pays the required amount of fees to the Finance Department for all the credit hours that he/she registered in.