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Research and Consultancy Center


The Research and Consultancy Center is a research unit at the Mediterranean International University. It was established to carry out research, academic studies and consultations necessary to support various institutions at the local, regional and international level and to help them promote for the better, as well as to serve the community by contributing to finding solutions to the many problems; economic, social, environmental, and others.

The center, with the experience of its distinguished academic and professional cadres, organizes academic and scientific events and programs including conferences, seminars, workshops and forums, for public and private institutions. In addition, the center has the task of preparing research and scientific studies associated with achieving the desired objectives.

The center’s mechanism is based on concerted efforts of a team of talented researchers who propose appropriate programs and activities that fit with the educational priorities and concerns of the research center. The center administration is, then, studies the proposals and chooses the most appropriate to be implemented.


The Centre seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Helpingandsupporting decision-makersin Libya,in particular,and in the Arab countriesand other countries in the region, in general,in order tomake rationaldecisions that affectall the differentsectors, bycontributing to thepreparation of studies and distinguished researchthrough collaborationwithlocal, regional andinternational institutionsthat are efficientand competitive.
  • Theselection and implementation ofresearch projects related to the Libyan society, which can contribute to theachievement of sustainable development.
  • Conducting necessary studies to address theissues and problemsassociated with both, public and privateinstitutions.
  • Theprovision of scientificconsultation tocommunity organizationsworking invarious fields, particularly at the local andregional level.
  • The organization and preparation ofseminars, conferencesand scientific meetings, in order to contribute to the growthand development oflocal and regional societies.
  • Networking and partnershipwithuniversities, institutes,research centers, and scientific societies, to contribute to thesupport ofscientific and cultural cooperationmovementlocally, regionally and globally.

Training Programs

  1. Management and Leadership which includes the following topics:
  1. Leadership Development: Self-Awareness Skills and Strategies,
  2. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting,
  3. The Middle Manager Development, and
  4. Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Organization.


  1. Sales and Marketing  which includes the following topics:
  1. Event Management Specialist,
  2. Protocol and Event Management,
  3. Customer Focused Management, and
  4. Customer Profiling Techniques and Procedures.


  1. Finance and Budgeting which includes the following topics:
  1. Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting,
  2. Financial Analysis, Planning and Controlling Budgets, and
  3. Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Progress.


  1. Business Office Administration which includes the following topics:
  1. The Senior Secretary Development Program,
  2. Professional Skills for Administrators and Secretaries,
  3. Developing Core Skills for Administrators and Secretaries, and
  4. Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills.


  1. Other Training Programs:
  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Purchasing and Materials Management
  5. Public Relation and Customer Service
  6. Oil and Gas Technology
  7. Health and Safety